10 Keys to Effectively Reinvent Yourself

We are all subject in the absolution of change. Coping with change requires reinvention of self. To say that it is unnecessary is admitting defeat and impossibility of growth.

If you agree that life is like a flowing river, then you must also agree that with it comes with many changes. And that the process of reinvention is vital to acquire the best as the stream of life continues flowing.

The following are 10 key principles of reinventing life:

Hopefully after reading it, you will begin to feel better about reinventing yourself and weaken the structure of fear mindset. Reinvention is not an attack to your identity as person. In fact it is the only process that can allow growth and align you to genuine happiness.

1. Reinvention is a habitual skill

Reinventing self or reinventing your life is a great skill. Meaning there are ways and tools you must learn to make life reinventing effective and agreeable.

Further more reinvention is a habit, it cannot and must not be a one time thing. You need to cope with life, you need to find ways to accelerate growth and most importantly you need to work on yourself each passing day.

2. Reinvention requires meaning

You cannot reinvent yourself for sake of “whatever.” Positive life reinvention must take a meaning that your mind, body and spirit can align with. Otherwise, reinvention that defies your purpose in life is bound to fail, worse, leads to your destruction.

3. Reinventing life requires patience

You may not notice change right away. Changes occur slowly and when you effectively reinvent yourself, changes occur in a form of building blocks until the whole structure is formed.

This is the good thing about positive changes, it allows new and better things come into your life experience with a strong structure to support it. In order for that to happen, patience is required.

4. Psychological flexibility

Positive mindsets are required in order for you to handle the changes during reinventing your life. Reinvention does not always present good experiences.

In the process of reinventing life, you might be required to cut ties with some people, old habits and leave behind beliefs about life that does not support growth. This is only possible if you are psychologically flexible.

Psychological flexibility is yet another skill you will learn to master in the process of reinvention. It is not easy, but so is life. Yet you will be rewarded with a better version of you.

5. Focus Forward

Keep your past only for analysis and evaluation and never as a destination. Recoil usually occurs when people lack focus in the process of reinventing life.

The past is very tricky and often it has us trapped before we even know it. Overcome obstacles in the past by learning how to rewrite the function of memories. For example, a memory that provokes anger and depression can be changed to function as an inspiration to move forward.

Memories are powerful, especially in the process of reinventing life, for it shapes our reality.

6. Validate your own happiness

Since nobody in this entire planet can truly understand your mind, whether it is your partner or a dear friend, never seek validation from anyone. This might sound harsh and self-serving for some people. But the truth is, at some point in life, we need to admit that our own happiness is never achieved nor sustained if we seek validation outside ourselves.

In the process of reinventing life, many will find some of your actions and new formed behaviors for it is not pleasing them. But don’t allow that to bring you down. It is not your duty to please the ego of another person just so they feel good, if you do this, in the long run, you will feel rotten inside.

Be you, your positive and seemingly selfish changes will only hurt those whose minds are no longer in the same frequency as yours. It is a sign of growth actually.

7. Network within an ideal tribe

If you want to reinvent your life to be successful, then it is better you network within the tribe of successful people. Indulging in activities with your usual set of friends who holds negative views on wealth and its manifestation will lead you absolutely nowhere.

Mindsets are contagious and whether you would like to admit it or not, you hold similar beliefs as normally hangout with. If you want to reinvent your life to expand, you need to be brave enough to cut the ties and burn some bridges. Although it is not always necessary, there will be instances you need to choose between your growth or other people.

8. Life reinvention requires imagination

If you cannot build foresight about where you are headed through imagination, that means your mind, spirit and body is not aligned to your goal. Take time to imagine and to dream a bigger picture and do not be ashamed to your own self and begin negative self talk the moment your imagination is expanding.

Just simply allow it for a moment and reason and logic will come into play. This process will actually enable to you to intelligently define your goals and take reasonable action.

9. Clear the clutter

When you begin to picture the new you, you will notice many things that are in your daily experience that does not speak the vision of who you want to be. Change it in little ways.

Things that no longer support your vision in life will begin to be identified by your mind as clutter or rubbish. Do not be afraid to give them away or throw them away. Clinging onto them will not serve your reinvention.

10. Sell yourself!

I hope not literally. What I mean is sell your idea of new self to your old self. You see if there is one person who needs to be convinced that the new you is efficient and holds the promise of happiness is your old self.

When you have the “old you” convinced that it is better this way, you will transform your life efficiently with ease.

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