7 Powerful Ways to Successful Life Reinvention

Anyone who is genuinely craving for transformation is aware that there are many aspects of life that are simply “suffering.” Because we suffer we crave for something new, something different and something that might point us to the right direction.

While others view craving for something to be self-serving, it is actually the only direction that can provide answers to our biggest life questions, such as:

Who am I?

What am I here for?

What is reality?

What is genuine happiness?

Reinvention is the only path that points us to the right answers. Going with the flow and sticking to conventional wisdom on how you should live your life as expected by others will lead to mediocre happiness. You may wake up one day and realize that your whole life is lacking substance.

Here in Life Reinventing, I wish to sway away from advising about polishing yourself and becoming better. Do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that.

Point being, if you are stuck in life and everywhere you look it just sucks, it is time to consider pushing that reset button.

If you view reinvention this way, you change the game.

And I do not mean simply switching jobs and overhaul of your wardrobe, best you start within.

Destroy old beliefs that simply doesn’t work!

Let go of conventional wisdom that proves to be toxic in your life, such as your toxic attachments. Sometimes, this is the most difficult part, for toxic relationships and careers are elaborately masked as gorgeous needs.

If a meaningful life matters to you, then it is time.

Here are 7 Powerful Ways to Reinvent Your Life:


1. Reevaluate Your Connections

Connecting with people is great. However, if majority of your connection is with the wrong people, then you are guaranteed to go straight down and possibly never be able to successfully reinvent your life.

I am not saying there are people who are just plain bad, but be aware that even the greatest people can have negative effects on you. It is one phenomenon in life we often pretend to be blind of.

Some of the best people can be toxic if they are combined with you.

You can simply start with your social media contacts, ask yourself and be brutally honest when you look at a connection. If they do not match with your vision of who you want to be, unfriend them or unfollow. This may result to hard feelings, but be brave enough to face that bitter truth if you dream of a sweet future.

However, if you are keeping score of your likes, shares and online footprint, sadly you are probably with the majority who is measuring the wrong thing.

Beware that your social media goals are actually distracting you from things that truly matters.

Use social platforms to make genuine connections that will contribute to your successful life reinvention. If you reevaluate your connections, you may be able to reach out to the right tribe and be able to make meaningful interactions.

2. Allow Kindness Rule Your Life

People will hate you, some might even try to destroy you and sometimes, if you are as unlucky as me, your kindness will be viewed from exactly a different perspective and use it as an ammunition to take you down.

I have long given up on this but wiser to no longer allow kindness be the reason for people to think I am dumb that is why I am easy to be taken advantage of.

In the end, kindness will let you sleep better, think wiser and live happily.

Practicing small acts of kindness allows us to transform deeply rooted negative emotions into love. Practicing bits of kindness to others, animals, plants and most importantly to self will allow you to gain greater understanding on what life truly is for you. Kindness will allow you to reinvent your life with ease.

3. Consider Practicing Art

In whatever you do, make art involved.

It will help you become the master of whatever you lay your hands unto. Art is beyond paintings, poetry or hobbies and crafts. If you take art to be a part of your life, even your breakfast will become art, the way you dress, the way you open your eyes and the way you live your life becomes a masterpiece.

Art does not follow conventional guidelines, rules and manuals. Art allows your personal touch on just about anything. Recently I discovered the art of caring for succulents and other plants, I am now planning to further my art and possibly expand my collection.

Because of this simple art of caring for my plants I also learn the art of healing my many aches and pains I have in life. I am discovering the art of healing together with the art of planting.

It doesn’t have to be plans, but make sure that you incorporate art in your activities. Then you are guaranteed to create a masterpiece forged in pain, suffering and frustration.

Reinventing life is an art form.

4. Acknowledge the Power of the Mind

If everything you have tried in the past seems to have failed. Doesn’t it make sense that you now must rely on the power of the mind to transform your life?

We all have gone a long, long, long, way distorting genuine reality, first by killing each other because of dogma, next by division among races and territory and then by subscribing to so many toxic beliefs that has become part of our identity. Reinvention gives you the chance to turn this around.

But you first need to really be committed to understanding your mind. No one else can do this for you, some guides are efficient in helping you be liberated from your toxic patterns, beliefs and limiting behaviors but only you hold the key.

To reinvent requires bravery, to be brave requires destroying fears.

Gain access to the power of your mind and begin building positive mindsets aligned with your desired version of yourself.

5. Sell Yourself – Personal Branding

Time to rebrand. Have you ever created a personal brand before? Whether you are seeking a new employment or wishing to reposition your career, it is time for effective personal branding.

Marketing yourself, your skills and your career a new brand will help you recover from whatever you are going through. Reinvent and take a bold step in creating a new vision of yourself and do things that you truly want.

I was personally helped by beBee (no affiliate link) and I am an active brand ambassador for the platform. This affinity networking allowed me to take a bolder step into marketing myself as a digital marketer, blogging coach and many more. Each buzz I create gets noticed and not for validation alone, but noticed as something of value.

Whatever platform you choose, whether online or offline, create a strong personal brand that is aligned with your desires and discover the profound answer as to who you really are.

Me? I am a digital marketer, branding and blogging coach. My brand is Pat Bagano, and my aim is to help businesses achieve their goals. What is yours?

6. Be Ready to Fail and Feel Like Failing

Failure is an abstract and unreal idea we formulate in our heads because it goes against validation by others about success. In other words, failure is your inability to reach the standards set by culture or community in terms of valid success.

What if for once you learn how to cut the need to be validated?

Then the fear dissolves.

It is difficult to practice because it appears that as humans we seek validation from friends, relatives or our community. But in reality, no one can validate your success but your genuine alignment to happiness.

Feeling like a failure is inevitable, the moment you feel like it, wake up to reality that it doesn’t exist, we are here to learn.

7. Learn!

Learn not only from your successes but also from your mistakes.

Discard what is not useful, and I mean discard it right away.

If you just met someone new and they go against your values and morals, do not take them home or prolong the interaction. By taking them home I mean, do not think of them over and over, any negative emotion can powerfully sketch them in the deep caverns of your mind. It will in time become an influential thought.

Learn more about yourself, your weaknesses and strengths. Learn new skills and be ready to be mentored needed be!

I wish you good luck on your journey to reinventing your life.

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