There is a need to awaken more people about the idea of reinventing self and life. I dedicate this website to everyone who is currently struggling with their identities and wish to find the true meaning of genuine happiness.

The articles I publish here are mostly extracted from my deep thoughts. In the past I was silent. I allowed my fear to not publish any of my thoughts for I doubt my credibility. I aged well I guess, my failures taught me to be brave and the opportunities life presented me allowed me to efficiently gather skills to fluently deliver my message.

Life is not a box, identity is not fixed. We should strive to reinvent our lives to create positive impact in this world we live in.

I salute many life coaches whose free stuff published online allowed me to expand what I know. You would find my section in the navigation of this website containing their names. I am not an affiliate to their websites, I simply admire them and wish to shout out there names for they may be able to help struggling people.

The ideas I express here are my own beliefs that came from the many heroes of my life. My purpose is to be of service to the tired spirits in this planet. May the tiny light I shine be able to spark a little hope within you.