Feeling Stuck but Not Stuck – Reinventing Your Life

It is difficult to feel “alive” all the time. You breath, eat, your heart is beating well, but your distorted vision of reality may cause you to feel dead inside. Nothing motivates you and nothing seems to work. Feeling stuck is unavoidable and every human being does regardless of financial and social status.

When feeling stuck, it takes a while before I begin to truly appreciate what is going on and the rewards that comes with it. After a period of whining, complaining and blaming myself, I resolve to think of it as the end of a cycle, that I am ready to accomplish something different and that the gates are now open.

Feeling Stuck but Not Stuck – Reinventing Your Life

The Urgency to Change = Feeling Stuck

Feeling stuck is a result of deeper emotions that are actually calling for change. Our primitive brains may produce alternative responses and without motivation of self-mastery we may end up in destructive behaviors, I know I do.

That is why I keep my mind actively seeking self-mastery and personal development, for it is my only way out.

When we feel stuck, our minds may shoot in different directions, blowing things out of perspective and cause us to decide to avoid confronting our inner demons. Instead of questioning ourselves, which is actually a good trait, we think of it as a way of destroying our comfort zones.

We must admit that many of us feel our comfort from avoiding an issue instead of confronting it. Which actually makes no sense because it is the major creator of “feeling stuck” in the first place.

Movement requires resolution of personal issues and unless we make a habit of resolving even the tiniest issues and learn to reinvent our lives to make the resolutions last, we will be caught up in the endless recoil.

Feelings Are Often Against Genuine Reality

Feeling stuck is only a feeling and often times not the reality of how things are, unless by practice and repetition. Remember that we create our own reality, no falter. No person, deity or another entity can influence your mind unless you were trained to do so.

The limbic system, something we inherited from our primitive ancestors contains all our basic needs and is forever striving for self-preservation. Moreover, this system is never rationally balanced or aligned with our inner desires.

When we allow our default systems whose primary goal is self-preservation without utilizing our other mental resources, we will always feel stuck and might take a very long time to get out of it. When I feel terrible about the world, my career and relationships, I recognize my emotions and make a list of them, anger, frustration, distress, joy, disgust, surprise, etc. When I do try to map them out, I always arrive at singular source and that is what I try to collapse and change.

Creating Healthy Habits

I remember well when I was new at digital marketing and started to become a digital nomad. I have this feeling of “WOW” every single time I have a new client paying me for my services. In time, the excitement kind of fades away and that is when I started to feel burnout.

But because I claim to have mastered myself, which is a flawed way of thinking, I thought I can get by, and so I stayed on my computer way longer than I should and did not build any healthy habits. The end result was physical and career disaster. My digital marketing strategies works so well but my kidneys don’t. Stress is eating me alive but it is masked with a smiling face of income.

I create healthier habits which started with a few pots of herbs that I keep at the front porch then I propagated. Now I make my own concrete garden dishes and began collecting other plants. I noticed that healthy habits that takes your mind of work not only promotes good blood circulation but actually made me feel unstuck. Today, I am thinking of investing to sell if not simply collect more to feel happy. Which is by the way the reason for working hard anyway.

Make a Bold Statement and Begin Reinventing

If you really want to feel unstuck in life, make a bold statement that you are moving forward, whatever your motivation for formulating your motivational statement, just do it. Begin reinventing yourself by being dead serious and honest about answering your biggest questions in life, do not avoid them.

Be glad you feel stuck because your subconscious mind is bringing into your conscious awareness deeper issues that will allow personal growth. Go ahead and move!

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