Kickstart Your New Life By Reinventing Yourself

The feeling of being stuck and confused about life’s direction is not alien to everyone. However, some people seems to never get away from it, while others seems to be experts at reinventing life to discover new opportunities.

People who are not used to constantly reinventing their life are often banging their fists on the wall for nothing seems to work. Instead of moving forward to discover their new self, they easily recoil and go back to their old habits.

If the above seems very familiar. The following are simple ways to kickstart your new life by ways of reinvention.

Reinventing life is not a collapse your identity. Reinvention simply is moving forward with new mindsets, behaviors and characteristics that aligns with your purpose.

1. Identify your location

By this I do not mean your physical location. You cannot say you are stuck without knowing where. Where are you and where do you want to go?

If you are financially stuck at the moment, admit to yourself the bitter facts that you would likely ignore due to pride. Be honest to yourself and your current location in your life. This will give you clarity of the exact spot where you want to go. And by that I do not mean, simply being rich. Everyone wish to be wealthy, but identifying your spot, your previous losses and failures will give you an idea how to create wealth by keeping in mind what works and what doesn’t.

2. Find an anchor

It is important that you find an anchor, whether it is a friend or a hero. Choose a life hero that you can align with and use their teachings as your anchor should times get tougher. If you have a friend who is most sensible, meaning does not always agree but ready to dissect every bit of your decision, keep that friend and make sure to listen.

3. De-clutter the mind

Your old unproductive self is your true enemy. This part of you will continue to convince you that reinventing is not the way to go. De-clutter your mind with the voices from the past and when the voice gets louder, learn ways to shut it down or use it only as a way to evaluate your current direction.

4. Research

There are countless ways on how you can get the support you need. Often, for FREE! Utilize online resources to connect with like-minded individuals who are on the same journey as yours. At times it may get confusing, it is okay to slow down with your research and reflect. Be like a sponge, immediately squeeze ideas that are simply not aligned with your purpose. This ideas and knowledge are often disruptive and may shift your focus away from things that matters most at the moment.

5. Slowly but surely change your routines

If you like to stay in bed during weekends, weekend hibernation is over. Change your weekend routine to be more productive and do things that are more aligned to your ideas of success that you would normally disregard during the workweek.

6. Embrace new things

Throw away anything that reminds you guilt, fear and your old self. If you cannot afford a new wardrobe yet, a simple tweak on how you pair things might work. This is not like high school reinvention. This is a practice the builds mindsets that will help you form a structure that will support changes. Just try it!

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