Reinventing The Ever-Shifting Self: What It Really Means

Reinventing life is not only to pursue success or develop new business ideas to thrive. Reinventing the ever-shifting self is changing the game and fix what was mindlessly ruined over the years.

The reason reinvention is a difficult topic to discuss and even more difficult process to commit to is because there are powerful psychological forces that simply aligned against reinvention.

We are programmed to love the idea of comfort. By that it means the “usual” is comfort. Notice how difficult life is yet a simple change that will alter your personality is often understood by the mind as an attack to identity.

We spend so much time and energy on immediate concerns regarding “the now” and our vision of tomorrow is often through lenses of distortion. Even when we have an urge for a better future and claim to be future-focused, some of us often fall into chasing the wrong goals.

Goals that are fulfilling the present moment. So much so, the marketing of wrong views on becoming mindful has come to a stretch, people think what is important is just the present moment and discard the idea of long-term goals. In fact, practice of mindfulness should be bringing into present awareness the past and future. But then again, every person will have a different view on this, in which I am not really interested in a debate.

Consider simply that I doubt there is goodness in the practice of only fulfilling now without consciously bringing into your awareness ways to reinvent yourself to meet a future aligned to genuine happiness.

We need to edit our identities to move forward

Whatever the age of an individual, a constant editing of identity is a requirement to be aligned with ultimate purpose in life. It is never too late to edit yourself or reinvent yourself. Editing our identities does not necessarily suggest to impose drastic changes that can negatively impact living.

Reinventing life is simply allowing self to work towards your long-term goals. And without long-term goals a person is at risk to do little things everyday that does not contribute to their future.

Question: How do you know what you should be striving for?

If we step back a little and look at our life like as if it is a stretch of fabric on a huge wall, then ask ourselves, “How do I want to paint the next picture?” Furthermore you can ask, “What would I regret not to draw on this canvas now that I hold the brush?”

This is just a simple mental practice that actually brings your future into your present awareness. The “hows” will naturally come in place only after you have intelligently defined what you want to be.

What is your story? Do you buy it?

You need to know where you are right now in life, what your story has been and commit to take the wheel and steer to your desired destination. Only when you know your true life story free from input of other people will you be able to use it to match with opportunities.

Knowing your story and buying it without doubt and in full honesty is actually the best way to do self-evaluation. Your life story will break all illusory superiority. In acceptance of our flaws and identification of our strengths we bring about the true nature of self free from delusions. Being brutally honest with yourself will enable you to reinvent with ease and fix what has been distorted as you grow.

Do not be afraid

Never reinvent within the idea of fear. Becoming more open to the idea of reinventing your life will allow you to see opportunities for exponential growth. The only path towards personal development is only achieved by reinventing the ever-shifting self.

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