Reset Button: 4 Steps to Powerfully Reinvent Your Life

Many people who are suffering in plethora of life crises wish there is a reset button they can push.

We want to change many aspects of living and it would be awesome if in an instant we are able to make a significant change in our personal relationships, personality or even do an overhaul of our identity. But that is hardly the case, even if there is a reset button it requires quite a buffer to take effect and be noticed by you and those around you.

Fact: Successful People are Products of Multiple Reinvention

Have you ever put a thought or two about how efficiently people reinvent their lives and be very successful? Often, it may occur to people that there is really a huge difference between them and those people they look up to that inspires them to be successful.

Reinventing is an essential aspect of success. But most people are afraid to do so because they think their habits (even the destructive in nature) are part of their identity. But this is not true, even how we identify ourselves require reinvention if we truly pursue a happy life.

Here are four empowering steps to reinvent your life:

1. Imagination

If you wish to successfully reinvent your life, put more time and effort on producing powerful images in your mind. Imagination is the language of the most important aspect of your consciousness, the subconscious. If you truly want to reinvent your life, you need the help of your subconscious to make positive changes possible.

Find time to imagine what you wish to be, how your lifestyle would be and when you do, use this method while you generate joy and happiness within. Stop at once when you noticed that ideas of impossibility, stress and difficulty is evoked. Divert your attention to something else before you tap into your visualization again. Otherwise if you are feeling that the images in your head are impossible and stressful, you are communicating with your subconscious the wrong way.

Imagination is a simple, yet very effective tool that helps you program your mind to take you where you want to be.

2. Write!

If you do not want a journal, at least have a bucket list or any sort of written goals that you feel comfortable to make a habit of. Writing articulates what you want while bringing your consciousness to a focus. Similar to visualization or imagination this brings an idea (goal or wishes) into a much more solid state in the mind.

Take time to write your goals including time frame, it programs your mind to develop a mindset of achieving, which is what reinvention is all about. Imagined yet not actualized reinvention is just wishful thinking. Writing helps produce action!

3. Motivational prompts

In order to keep the desire to reinvent alive, one may need a motivational prompt. This may be as simple as an alarm on your phone, a reminder in a form of a wallpaper on your computer or a poster hanging on your wall. Whatever type of motivational prompt you are comfortable of, do it!

Words, pictures and phrases that are often seen are imprinted in our subconscious that forms our beliefs. Regularly expose only your mind in beliefs that takes you upward and forward.

4. Get the help you need

There are times (actually many) that you cannot reinvent on your own. You may require a guide, a coach or simply an inspired connection with people who can help you achieve and do more. Make your reinvention a possibility by learning how to do it RIGHT.

Get help only from coaches or friends you know that are good at reinventing that are aligned with your belief system or faith. Otherwise, you narrow your chances of success in reinvention should the belief of those you reach out to is in conflict with yours.

You Are Entitled to Reinvent, Besides You Are Human!

Part of being human comes the ability to reinvent yourself to help cope with the demands of time. However, consider positive reinvention all the time. Reinvention can be like a poison if done wrong. Imagine if you are reinventing your life misguidedly, you may be creating a huge gap to other aspects of living that will in turn recoil and cause you problems.

Reinvent yourself over and over to sustain happiness and never be afraid!

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