Restoring Your Purpose and Passion Through Life Reinventing

Losing your purpose and passion can happen at any stage of life. We can agree that those in their teens and early 20‘s are going through the process of discovery. But that is hardly the case all the time. Even someone who is at their 30‘s, 40‘s or even later, may still be in the process of discovery and have not yet found their passion or may have lost it somewhere along the path.

I lost my passion and purpose when I hit my 30‘s. Problems piled up and bad things happened to me. “I lost myself,” I always claim, day in and day out. What once were activities that thrilled me became activities I would rather avoid. My love for the arts faded, my love for learning and many others, simply forgotten. I just exist and do small things that does not really contribute anything for my future. Because of this, I began hating myself and felt unworthy.

But life forced me to choose between giving up and reinvent. I chose to reinvent. To detach from my old self-image and discover new things. Everyday I asked myself life’s biggest questions and when the answer is unclear, I ask further. I began to learn how to never expect the world for answers, to seek answers from within, and I was rewarded with a better life that has potential to make it big. And each day I make a conscious choice to contribute to this potential and achieve.

Here are a few tips that may be able to help you reinvent yourself and overcome debilitating issues:

1. Realize that purpose is important

The main problem with people defining their purpose is that they are easily convinced the single thing to be their life purpose. It hardly works that way. A life purpose is not finishing school, getting a degree and be successful at work. Moreover, it is not having a family and raise good children. An intelligently defined purpose has to be aligned to the true nature of one’s self and the reality in which they exist.

Mistaking your life goals to be your ultimate purpose in life will get you confused and lose your passion. Your life purpose has to be bigger, intelligently defined and creates impact.

2. Discover more things that excites you

Whatever it is that you think excites you, pursue them. When you are reinventing yourself, you might as well reinvent and be thrilled about. Center the process of reinvention on things you are passionate about.

3. Time is irrelevant

There is no such thing about being late at reinventing yourself. Regardless of your current status in life, you achievements and failure, and no matter how old you are, it is okay to reinvent and rediscover a new you. Do not settle to common belief that reinvention should only be for young people, or for those who are unattached and doesn’t have family yet. Reinvention welcomes everyone of us.

The truth is, the older we get and the more responsibilities we have, the more we should aim for reinvention. It will not only lessen the feeling of being burdened but will also allow you to find joys of living in ways you never expect.

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