Sustainable Positive Change by Reinventing Yourself

When facing adversities in life you have a few choices, you can allow the issues become part of your identity, let it destroy you or overcome it and use it to become stronger.

Life comes with a lot of changes and these changes don’t come easy. Reinventing life is a requirement to cope with our fast-paced life. The dynamics of modern-age living requires so many demands to be met on time.

Unless we learn to shift our mindsets to be flexible enough to ride the tides of change without drowning, success will always be close to impossible.

Wherever you may be in life, I hope the following practical tips can guide you towards sustainable positive change by reinventing yourself:

1. Invest on your strengths

Your strengths are the best indicator of where you should be investing your time, effort and budget. If you invest on your strengths in the process of reinventing your life, you will be a on a rewarding journey.

The process of reinventing is not easy. It is full of trial and errors, mostly errors actually, before you reach the point wherein you have an inherent feeling that you are on the right track. Nonetheless, your strengths will definitely take you to the right direction with minimal mistakes.

2. Create a plan with a timeframe

Creating a game plan will make sure that you retain your focus on your desires to achieve success through reinvention. Our old selves are insidious and the loudest voice constantly reminding us to give up the challenge of reinvention and cause us to recoil.

Best done is create a plan from your short-term and long-term goals that contributes to your desires and have a calendar to keep track of your accomplishments.

3. T.R.Y. things

T – Time to

R – Reinvent

Y – Yourself

Remind yourself of the acronym above when you feel like giving up or afraid of trying new things that you know may contribute a stronger self-image aligned with you desires.

4. Be brave – be very brave

Success requires bravery. Reinventing your life to sustain positive changes will get disappointing and frustrating at times. Be brave enough to face your fears and doubts to ensure that you are offered with variety. Variety is the key to a joyful journey in reinventing life.

5. Network and build your new tribe

Minimizing your interaction with people belonging to your old group will reduce the chances of you reverting back to your old self. It may sound a little harsh to say that you must cut socializing with old friends.

Nonetheless, if your old friends are not really contributing to your success and happiness, maybe it is really about time to reevaluate your relations.

Networking with like-minded individuals will subconsciously program you to want, desire and then achieve better. Mindsets are contagious, you might as well take advantage of this fact than deny the power of the mind in influencing our life.

6. Accept failure

Feeling like a failure is real, but failure isn’t. We are made to believe by cultures and societies that failure is a fixed label, not only to particular event but the person who failed is even called a failure. This is a flawed way of thinking that destroy many of us.

It is okay to make mistakes and fail some challenges that we encounter in life. When we shift our mindsets about failure and consider it as a natural occurrence in life, we can minimize fear and that alone will propel you to be braver.

Take Away

Sustainable change is only achieved through reinventing. Nonetheless, anyone who embarks on a life reinventing journey must take into consideration that reinvention takes time and must never be done to expect instantaneous results.

Reinventing life must be a joyous journey and always considered when trying to cope with life’s adversities.

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